Daksha Fellowship has a holistic admissions process that gauges multiple facets of an applicant’s personality. Eligibility, selection and other details are as follows.

Eligibility Criteria:
Selection Criteria:
Application Form

The form has the following sections:

All sections must be complete for the application to be processed.

Admissions Test
Panel Interview

Every applicant who has successfully completed the application and undergone a first round of screening will be eligible to appear in the panel interview. The interview could be a personal interview in Daksha Fellowship City Campus in Chennai or in one of the metro cities, or it could be via a video call. Applicants will receive prior notice.

Online Application submission:
  • Applicants will create an account on the application portal by registering with basic details – full name, email ID, contact number and country
  • A link is sent to their email ID to activate the account
  • After activating the account, the applicant is directed to the application form
  • Applicants can save details entered in the application at any given point in time, sign out, and resume the application as convenient for them
  • Questions to which responses are essential for purposes of processing your application are marked mandatory
Process Flow of Admissions

Step 1: Application Submission and Evaluation

Step 2: Entrance Test

  • Daksha Fellowship Admissions Test (DFAT)
  • LSAT-India

Step 3: Panel Interview

The final decision will be communicated to applicants at the end of Step 3, approximately 10-14 days from the date of the interview.

Global Law Badge
  • Daksha Fellowship is the Member of LSAC Global Law Alliance.
  • Daksha Fellowship accepts LSAT—India™ scores as part of the selection process for admission to the fellowship program
  • Register online for the LSAT—India™ 2021 entrance test by logging on to https://discoverlaw.excelindia.com/LSAT/
  • The LSAT—India™ 2021 applicant with highest score enrolled in Daksha Fellowship shall be awarded a Scholarship on the tuition fee for one academic year.
Daksha Fellowship